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Chang Sung Co., Ltd - Company in 경주시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
    Chang Sung Co., Ltd - Company in 경주시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
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    Chang Sung Co., Ltd - Company in 경주시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
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    Chang Sung Co., Ltd, 경주시제조 업체

    Chang Sung Co., Ltd, 경주시
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    Сompany address: 경주시, 대한민국
    674-1, Hwangseong-dong
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    기업정보 Chang Sung Co., Ltd

    Welcome to Changsung Co. website. Under the previous company name, Se Dong Industry Co., we developed Korea ginseng drink for the first time in the world, with each drink containing one ginseng root. We established a good reputation on our ginseng product and exported them to various foreign countries. Now we changed our company name to Changsung Co., Ltd. for another take-off. We manufactured ‘Korean Red Ginseng D’ for Monopoly Administration (current, KT&G) and supplied to Japan. We also produced ‘Condition’ for CJ Corporation and have recognized for our quality product. * In 1969, Changsung developed ‘New-Ginseng D’ that soft drink contains real ginseng root for the first time in the world. We sold it in Korea and exported to Osaka, Japan for the first time in Korean ginseng industry. But our ‘New-Ginseng D’ product was returned by the Japanese food sanitation act that solid object cannot be added in soft drink. We actively dealt with it and our endeavor makes alternation of Japanese food act. Changsung successfully re-exported it since June 1970 and expanded the exporting countries to USA, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. Changsung Co., Ltd. has manufactured ‘Condition’ for CJ Corporation and various products for other companies. If you need our facilities, please contact us. Then, we will reply to you promptly.
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